What is the Sugar Purge?

It’s a 12 day program of support, guidance and accountability. And limited sugar! Immediately after signing up, you get the Sugar Purge guidelines and food suggestions. It’s flexible and you tailor it to your goals: if you want to give up all added sugars and refined grains, go for it. If you only want to reduce your morning coffee from 4 teaspoons to 2 teaspoons of sugar, that’s great too. Once you begin, you’ll get daily emails from me with challenges, recipes, food for thought and some fun video content. If you do a Group Sugar Purge, you’ll also have the valuable support and input of other Purgers.

The Sugar Purge IS:
*About making positive changes

The Sugar Purge IS NOT:
*About perfection

By reducing the amount of sugar in our diets, we can stabilize hormones. This leads to more energy, better stress management, possible weight loss, less cravings and more nutrient-dense eating. It also can reverse pre-diabetes, lower cholesterol levels, manage PCOS and limit tummy troubles.

I’m not promising that you’ll lose 20 pounds, become a supermodel, fit into your jeans from high school or suddenly run a 6- minute mile. But I DO promise that you will learn more about your hunger (physical and emotional), reduce the amount of crap in your diet, improve your energy levels and STILL feel satisfied.

I get it. I know how tough it is to eat well with a hectic life. So that's why I created this group; you can't do it without support, guidance and accountability!


My Story

I started eating this way when I was diagnosed with Poly Cystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) in 2007, which coincided with the beginning of my graduate degree in nutrition. While I thought of myself as super healthy -– running, teaching fitness classes, eating a vegetarian diet -– I was actually harming my fertility and bone mass. So I stopped eating sweetened yogurt, all cereal (and cookies) and started eating more eggs and some meat. I was able to reverse my PCOS within one year, plus lower my cholesterol and anxiety levels. Today, I'm no longer at risk for developing diabetes or stress fractures. AND I eat lots of delicious foods (I promise!).

Knowing how tough and sometimes confusing "eating right" can be, I developed the Sugar Purge, a supported 12- Day Nutritional Challenge designed to meet YOUR individual goals. Anyone can do a Sugar Purge! I've Purged with vegans, people with nut/egg allergies, working parents, CEOs, weekend warriors, veggie-averse guys, teens, grandmas, new moms and everything in between. The key is my support: You will have guidelines, food suggestions, structure, accountability and evidence- based information.

Do you want support with your health? Are you ready to feel good in your body?
Are you ready for more energy?
Better sleep? Less stress?


Take the Plunge


$39. Click to buy your Sugar Purge and start any time. Once you buy, you will have immediate access to the guidelines and food suggestions. Then simply start any time (I recommend beginning on a Monday) and receive daily support with links to articles, recipes, videos and challenges along the way.


$99. This group is led by ME, including a kick off LIVE Q&A session the Friday before we begin. You will have daily communication in real time, plus access to other Purgers for support and guidance. This is offered only 5 times a year. NEXT GROUP SUGAR PURGE BEGINS March 5th, 2018!


$499. Your very own one on one Purge in real time with daily access to me via email. We begin with a 30- minute phone session when you tell me your goals and we set out a plan for the next 12 days. Then we have daily communication.